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It has become crucial for businesses to adapt to the changing business needs and technology evolution with updated software applications. The success of any application is measured by its quality. With the rapidly evolving marketplace, users are becoming more demanding every day. If an application does not satisfy their expectations, they find an alternative anytime within minutes. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to conduct continued testing and quality assurance of the application to ensure a seamless user experience, smoother operation and overall quality improvement of the system.

Powered with a decade of experience in testing and QA services, we at Tecnovators, ensure that your software and app solutions fully meet your expectations and needs and help you achieve desired quality objectives. Our expert test engineers are an intrinsic part of every project who ensure that the project meets the most rigorous quality standards when delivered to you. Our test experts work directly with you to create an end-to-end process that helps in developing software which is up to the mark and ultimately satisfies and exceeds your expectations. No matter, what industry you belong to, what application or platform you use or how complex your testing and QA requirement is, we are capable of addressing them with our core capabilities.

Our QA and Testing Services.

Tecnovators provides full-cycle quality assurance and testing services to help companies survive in an increasingly complex digital world. Our custom designed testing methodologies and frameworks alleviate technical and business risks. We are committed to bringing innovations in QA and testing practices to create an unparalleled environment for exceptional people. With our scalable and secure QA and testing services, we provide greater business value.

1. Core Testing

Our core testing services are aimed at improving performance whilst removing system failures, reducing downtime and application maintenance costs.

a. Functional testing

At Tecnovators, we offer manual, automated and semi-automated functional testing services to ensure that both front-end and back-end components work properly.

b. Usability testing

We take on a 360-degree view on an application’s operability by identifying and rectifying the weak spots in core features of the application and suggesting areas for improvement.

c. Compatibility testing

We check whether the application is compatible with various browsers, operating systems, and various devices to assure of its seamless behavior.

d. Test Automation

With our specialized knowledge in automated testing, we help companies identify applications ready for automation and improve the overall quality of the software applications.

e. Performance engineering

At Tecnovators, we use proven engagement models and offer end-to-end performance services to improve the performance and eliminate the risk of business disruption.

f. Security testing

Using our proven tools and methodologies, we offer a end-to-end security testing services to make sure that the app is protected from serious risks and breaches.

2. Digital Testing

Our digital testing service helps your business shape their digital future and attain your business objectives while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

a. Omni channel testing

Tecnovators offer omni channel testing services to offer a flawless and consistent user experience across various channels like web, mobile, email, and social media.

b. Mobile testing

We offer highly efficient mobile app testing services for diverse industry segments that accelerates app performance, reduce cycle times and entitle faster time to market.

c. Consumer experience testing

Users’ expectations are evolving rapidly in this digital landscape. At Tecnovators, we offer an effective customer experience testing services to improve the consumer experience and engagement.

d. Social media integration testing

We deploy high-quality testing tools and frameworks that help you offer a consistent and personalized experience and effectively monitor customer experiences.

3. Specialized Testing

Being a leading QA and testing company, we offer highly robust specialized testing services to help you make the transition to emerging technologies like Blockchain – faster, easier and cheaper.

a. Accessibility testing

Our quality assurance specialists offer a comprehensive range of accessibility testing services to ensure your app meets various accessibility guidelines in each phase of your project development.

b. CRM testing

We help you speed up your CRM transformation through our CRM testing services which are highly flexible and designed to improve productivity and customer service.

c. Blockchain testing

At Tecnovators, we are experts in offering a complete spectrum of Blockchain testing services to meet the formidable demand of the emerging technologies.

4. Test Consulting

With our dedicated and standardized approach to QA and testing services, we increase test efficiency, which in turn reduces the risks innate in digital transformation projects.

a. DevOps testing

Our proven capabilities in DevOps QA and testing services allow you to adopt automation, eliminate the need for manual tasks and reduce deployment time.

b. Cloud Ops testing

With our expertise in cloud testing and by using the best-in-class testing tools, we help to boost your business efficiency and shrink costs related to cloud testing.

c. Test advisory services

Tecnovators’ test advisory services help you meet the rising challenges of new technologies such as IoT, Agile and DevOps testing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Platform Expertise

At Tecnovators, our tools and technologies have a proven track record and can be personalized to a particular industry or implementation needs, ensuring the delivery of faster and better solutions. We use the following testing tools and technologies to provide our QA and testing services.

Performance Testing Tools

JMeter, New Relic, NeoLoad, hp Loadrunner

Security Testing Tools

Nikto, Owasp, Burpsuite, SQLmap

Test Management Tools

hp ALM, TestLink, TestRail, Zephyr

API Testing Tools

SoapUI, Postman, Ready! API

Test Automation Tools

Se, Ranorex, Sikuli, Visual Studio

Our QA and Testing Approach

Underpinned by our testing experts with years of experience and industry’s best practices, our testing process emphasizes early testing, efficient communication, and detailed reporting. We do rely on agile and scrum-based workflows, to eliminate risks and adapt to changing requirements in a more efficient manner.


Requirements Analysis

Our testing team will study your requirement for testing, followed up with a consultation with developers. Then the scope and the test objectives are determined.


Test Strategy

At this stage, we decide on the testing or QA strategy to be followed that will best suit your business objectives and requirements.


Test Planning

Our testing team will then decide on the test plan, allocate resources and tools and techniques to be used on the project to deliver quality results.


Test Case Development

Our expert testers develop test cases based on the requirements of the project, ensuring test planning and test strategy objectives are met.


Test Execution & Review

Our test team initially carries out a trial test and then the real world testing will be carried out across different platforms, devices, and browsers.


Result analysis & Reporting

Any bugs identified will be effectively resolved and the testing team submits a report describing the results of the test process and the overall quality of the software app.

Why Tecnovators?

From functionality testing to performance testing, our testing services include everything that enables us to deliver a quality output at a faster rate. We also use the best-in-class tools, technologies, and frameworks to improve your ROI.

Passionate and Experienced Testers

We have a pool of testers who are ridiculously passionate about testing, highly motivated and result-oriented, who constantly strive to improve workflows and processes.

Business Domain Expertise

With over a decade of experience, our QA team has accumulated plenty of business domain experience, assuring top class quality assurance services.

Scalable Process

From planning to reporting issues, we have an end-to-end process that works consistently and rapidly to help you realize where to make improvements.

Focus on Quality

With the help of our vetted, experienced and expert testers, we can provide you with a solution even for critical issues and can improve the customer experience.

Customer-Centric Approach

We follow a customer-focused approach and offer customized solutions as per your needs and requirements. We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

Speed to Market

Our planned and flexible approach reduces the testing time and lets us deliver all our projects on time and help you have an edge over the competition.

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