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Hire Dedicated Developers for Web, Mobile, IoT, Software and More

Offshoring has become increasingly popular across businesses. It is said to increase the business efficiency and save 50% costs on recruitment. There is no more annoyance of managing dubious freelance workers and keeping them all on track to complete the project on deadline. Get the peace of mind by hiring dedicated developers, customized to suit your business or project requirements.

Struggling to find reliable developers? Whether you want to set up an offshore development team for support and development or looking for a reliable team of developers for maintenance or transformation of your enterprise applications, Tecnovators is the ideal destination. At Tecnovators, we employ some of the most talented and technically advanced developers. Our talented and skilled professionals can design, program and deploy tailor-made applications and other solutions specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business. Our developers are not just technically sound but are also smart thinkers with an excellent grasping power. Being a leading development company, Tecnovators understand your exact business needs and can suggest the right solution with the right resources.


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Hiring Models

Dedicated specialists to fill the gaps in your project needs and serve as the basis for a strategic vision.


Niche technology and domain experts to ramp up teams. Adoption and implementation of industry best practices & technological innovations. Domain-specific expertise to build niche apps.


Experts to work on your specific project needs. Complete visibility and control into the progress. Onsite visits/presence on demand. Profound understanding of your business.


Tecnovators Effectively fill gaps in project needs at client location. Onsite visits/presence as required. Profound understanding of business. Continuous monitoring and adoption.


Extension of your own team providing support for your product. Plan and release a successful product. Coordination of technical activities and process improvement within the team.

How can you hire the perfect developers?

We offer a hiring solution that perfectly fits your business requirement, time and budget parameters. We follow a quick 6-step hiring process that can help you find the best-match developers who can become a part of your team.


Sending Request

We send job requests to candidates who match your job requirements.


Screening the resumes

The candidate’s resume will be screened which will help in shortlisting the profile before taking the candidate to the next hiring process.


Selecting the candidates

The candidates are selected based on a preliminary round of interview wherein questions are asked to test their domain knowledge relating to their previous experience.


Interviewing the selected candidates

The candidates are investigated about their previous projects, their hands-on-experience on the latest tools and technologies.


Final selection process

In this process, we cross check the candidate’s personality and work experience through a follow up with their previous employer and clients.


Sign the terms and contract

Once the candidate fulfills all the requirements, we finally make them sign the terms and contract to work for your company.

Whom we work for?

We work with all types of businesses, irrespective of the size and sector. We work with the following types of businesses as a technology partner


They are new to the business. They often require the fastest solution at a competitive price.

Small Businesses

These types of businesses are more prone to competition and we offer them customized solutions accordingly.


They are well-established and will have their unique set of needs when it comes to the development of applications or software.

Why should you hire developers from Tecnovators?

Certified Developers

We don’t just provide developers. We offer developers who are certified and experts in their own fields.

Greater Cost Savings

By hiring developers from Tecnovators you can have peace of mind with affordable pricing options and no hidden overhead costs.

Online Project Management

You can track the progress of your dedicated development team using online project management tools or with the help of our project manager.

Secure Environment

We offer you a secured development environment for your development team at our place, ensuring complete protection of your intellectual property.

Robust Infrastructure

Your team working from our place will get all the hardware and software infrastructure in place to put actions into codes.

Greater Flexibility

You can manage your developers as per your requirement and have the full flexibility to make changes till you feel you are satisfied.

Direct Control

You can have direct control over your offshore development team. You can communicate with them and get daily reports to know the progress.

Better Choices

We hand pick the resumes and select only candidates with the real potential to offer you a pool of developers who are highly experienced and expertise.

Keen to get started? So are we.

Hire highly skilled developers from our pool of pre-vetted tech developers and form an offshore development team that will work exclusively for you. Get promising results with modern solutions