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Hiring top talent has never been easier

You’ve got Salesforce! Now you need to find the staff who can make the most of it. Not sure which skills to prioritize? Don’t have time to sort through and find the real experts? Hire On-Demand will connect you with the right candidates for your needs.

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Salesforce talent you need – fast

Propriety testing means you’ll only meet qualified candidates

Our unique evaluation process accurately identifies candidates’ Salesforce technical knowledge, familiarity with best practices, and real-world expertise through proprietary testing and comprehensive interviews. No surprises here! You know what you’re going to get – and it’s pretty great.

We eat, sleep and breathe Salesforce

Founded by a Salesforce alumnus in 2007, our expert team, including Salesforce-certified recruiters, will take the time to fully understand your needs and know how to precisely match you with the ideal candidate. You’ll save time and money, and we can offer professional guidance to help you determine your hiring requirements.

We know who’s who

We have deep roots in the Salesforce community, which means we have access to a vast pool of talent. We are constantly expanding our pool of professionals—and in many cases, already have exactly the person you are looking for.

We connect you with Salesforce pros who are not actively looking Graphic Designer

Many Salesforce professionals work exclusively with Hire On-Demand. They know if we contact them, it’s going to be worth their time. We can connect you with highly qualified but “passive” candidates — people who aren’t actively seeking a new position, but are always open to hearing about exciting career

Hiring Models

Dedicated specialists to fill the gaps in your project needs and serve as the basis for a strategic vision.


Niche technology and domain experts to ramp up teams. Adoption and implementation of industry best practices & technological innovations. Domain-specific expertise to build niche apps.


Experts to work on your specific project needs. Complete visibility and control into the progress. Onsite visits/presence on demand. Profound understanding of your business.


Tecnovators Effectively fill gaps in project needs at client location. Onsite visits/presence as required. Profound understanding of business. Continuous monitoring and adoption.


Extension of your own team providing support for your product. Plan and release a successful product. Coordination of technical activities and process improvement within the team.

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